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Helavanakatte Giriyamma Around 1750 A.D

Helavanakatte Giriyamma was one of the Haridasa women the other being Harapanhally Bhimava who had Ankitha nama as "Bhimesha Krishna" , basically from Ranebennur of Dharwar district. She lived around early 18th Century and was having poorna anugraha of Sri Sumateendra Theertharu, Sri Gopala Dasaru and Sri Satyabodha Theertharu.

Once Sri Sumateendra Theertharu (Sri Raghavendra swamy mutt, Third Theertharu after Rayaru) had come to Malebennur and stayed at Ranganatha Temple. Helavanakatte Giriyamma was a strong devotee of Ranganatha Swamy, she used to compose keerthanaas on him. As she was a lady and further she had no children, people were against her composing keerthanaas.

It was the Bhiksha day of Giriyamma. After the Mahapooja and Mangalarathi were over, the Sri Sumateendra Theertharu asked Giriyamma to come and take the Thirtha. Mataadhikari replied as she has no issues, she is not eligible to take Thirtha from the Sri Sumateendra Theertharu. But Sri Sumateendra Theertharu insisted that she must take the Thirtha. She came and stood stretching her right hand. The Sri Sumateendra Theertharu observing her hand said that Chakrapaaani, the Lord was her son, and her hand had the characteristic of Devaki, Her palms were that of Kausalya’s character, and requested her to show him Lord Balakrishna calling her Yashodhamma.

Giriyamma never used to take food without completing her daily routine of singing, performing pooja etc. She started putting rangoli reciting keerthanas on the Lord worshipping with turmeric-kumkum keeping the idol of Venugopala at the centre gifted by Sri Gopala Dasaru. Sri Sumateendra Theertharu who was sitting nearby happened to see the idol. He heard Giriyamma singing Keerthanaas in a melodious style. Venugopala was dancing making sounds from the tiny bells tied to his legs according to the tune from the flute. He was amazed. Giriyamma took that child in her waist and kept before the Sri Sumateendra Theertharu requesting him to give Mantrakshate to the child. Sri Sumateendra Theertharu was overwhelmed with “ Ananada Bhashpa” He said, “Kanaka Dasaru showed to Sri Vyaasarayaru the Paramaathma, Vaikunta Dasaru showed Paramaathma to Sri Vadhirajaru, Because of you, I also got the chance of looking at the heavenly manifestation of Venugopaala. Oh ! Mother, just like them I have had the Darshana of Baalakrishna because of you.

Sri Sumateendra Theertharu said “You are Yashodha, You are Kausalya, You are Anasuya”,

Giriyamma said, that it was His Moola Raama and sang
Raama Shree Raghunandana|
madanakoti mohanaanga maadhava puNcharitha karuNaapaanga||
HeLavanakatte nilaya venkata shree ranga|
sumatheendhra hRudhaya pankaja Bhrunga|
sadhaanandha kadhana vikrama bhaahu
Kothanda Dhuritha seetaaraama shree raghnandhana.||

Next day it was a day for Tapthamudra DhaaraNa. “Sudharshana Homa” was conducted and all had Mudradhaarane. When it was the turn of Giriyamma, the Sri Sumateendra Theertharu observing her stretched hands, said that Sri Hari had himself had done “Chakraankana” and he had no powers to do “Chakraankana” to her. He said not only those Bhakthas who had darshan of these hands had become pure , he was also fortunate to have been blessed” and thus praised Giriyamma.

Helavanakatte Giriyamma has her Ankitha nama as "Helavanakatte Ranga"


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  3. It was nice to read about Halavankatte Giriamma. I was infact looking for the details of Chitrapata Ramayana written by her.

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  8. Great work on a relatively less known of the Dasa sresthas. I have uploaded some of her songs telecast on the popular serial by the same name sometime between 2008 and 2011 on ETV Kannada. You can use this link to listen

  9. I have a copy of : ಚನ್ದ್ರಹಾಸನ ಕಥೆ: ಯಕ್ಷಗಾನವು, ೧೮೭೬.

    Have you got any idea who the author can be? Many thanks.

  10. chandrahasana kathe, yakshagaanavu, 1876. please tell me the name of the composer, if you happen to know. thanks in advance ..

  11. amma thayee ninna bhakthi shraddheya mulaka ah... hariyanne geddhavalu ninu ninna kathe kelidha naavu dhnyavantharu matthu punyavantharuuuu...... ninna karuneya makkalu naavu . sachin helavar

  12. amma thayee ninna bhakthi shraddheya mulaka ah... hariyanne geddhavalu ninu ninna kathe kelidha naavu dhnyavantharu matthu punyavantharuuuu...... ninna karuneya makkalu naavu . sachin helavar